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Haotian Electronic Co., Ltd.

LED emergency bulkhead luminaires, fire exit signs, emergency twin spots, LED downlight emergency conversion kits

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  • Phone: +86-760-22180561
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    No. 23, Taiyu Road, Taifeng Industrial Area, Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan, Guangdong, China
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Company Profile
Haotian Electronic Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of emergency lighting systems that combine reliability and value. The company carries a diverse line of LED emergency bulkhead luminaires, fire exit signs, emergency twin spots, LED downlight emergency conversion kits and battery systems for emergency power. The synergistic combination of technical expertise and manufacturing experience has led to many more innovative product developments by Haotian.

Haotian differentiates itself from its competitors by creating a contemporary alternative to traditional emergency lighting with exponential improvement in reliability, performance and serviceability utilizing the cutting-edge LED light modules and latest battery technology. Haotian's emergency bulkhead luminaires are weatherproof, stylish and robust and afford enhanced protection for even the most vulnerable locations. The Haotian emergency twin spots are designed for ease of installation and economy. Glare-free lighting heads, auto-brownout feature and short circuit and overload protection in a rugged steel housing provide dependable operation and industrial strength. The UV-stabilized, clear acrylic exit plates feature edge-lit LED technology that illuminates the edges of the signs. The sleek, low-profile design with versatile mounting options great for any upscale space that requires both style and durability.

Based in Zhongshan, China, Haotian develops cutting edge emergency lighting products that are focused on providing customer loyalty and satisfaction for many years worry-free operation. The company operates a 12,000 manufacturing facility equipped with key infrastructure to design and manufacture critical components. The entire flow from design to delivery is seamless and under close scrutiny from quality assurance professionals.
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